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On the evening of 16th February we gathered together to create another fantastic LIFE DRAW event for all you lovely artists to come along to, be inspired, draw, paint and LISTEN!...

Not only did the models provide great inspiration in making some great shapes for us, but they also brought their creativity and artistry into the room.

Katrina is a life model and poet who brings her word-smithing talents with her wherever she goes and this night was no exception with poems being created for the evening and during the night in response to her direct experience.

Esme is a life model and harpist extraordinaire - completely self taught and they played for the whole duration of the night (with a few breaks for nibbles) creating a wonderful sound space which helped us all drift away into our drawing spaces. HUGE thanks to everything you gave to us Katrina and Esme :)

The response to the evening couldn't have been better and everyone seemed to float away at the end of the session on a cloud of art materials, memories of carefully crafted words and melodic harp strings. Just perfect <3

Let's do this again Worthing!

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