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Wendy Barratt set up Drawing Room in April 2016 for purely selfish reasons! Regular, weekly untutored Life Drawing in the evenings in Worthing were non-existent which meant trips to Brighton where you could draw from a life model almost any time of the day or night, and day of the week. 

Wendy had been working as a drawing and painting tutor in her spare time since 1997 - first in the south of France and then at Evolution Arts in Brighton when she returned to the UK in 2000.

Since Drawing Room started, she has been running regular, weekly life draw sessions - both tutored and untutored to great success... Worthing wants to draw!!! HOORAY!!!!

As well as her involvement with Drawing Room, Wendy is a professional graphic designer with bags of experience (over 30 years), a natural inquisitiveness (especially in the art world) and a passion for good design. Her design career has always been fed by her passion for drawing, painting and photography and any spare time she has, is taken up with her own artistic endeavours as well as passing on her passion to others through teaching.

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