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There's never been a better time to learn arty stuff!

Since Drawing Room closed it's doors on March 15th, I have been amazed and impressed with the amount of online tutorials, YouTube videos of art techniques and new TV programmes which are coming to our screens. I am also giving a beady eye to my book collection amassed over the years to decide what to re-read - or finally read for the first time!

I must admit, I haven't looked at all the resources online but just the ones that resonated with me and I thought I'd share a few here that I REALLY enjoy... I hope you do too!

1. Our Painted Lives - YouTube channel created by Nicolas Uribe

I have been following Uribe for a couple of years on Instagram and at the beginning of 2020 discovered that he was starting a new channel where he generously shares his working methods by way of a time-lapse painting each day for 5 days a week. He has a great insight into painting, why we paint and different ways to think about painting which are SO useful. As well as all of that, he also offers a high res image of each painting he does that you can download for FREE and do whatever you like with it - SOOOO generous! Each original painting is sold for $250 - if you are lucky to be quick enough to buy one! I find him very inspiring, encouraging and generous and he brightens up my day.

Here is a link to the first day of Our Painted Lives - and if you like it, you can subscribe to his channel.

2. Pallant House Gallery - Chichester

I discovered Pallant House back in the early 2000's when I had a couple of hours to kill and just wandered through the doors without any knowledge on what I was going to find there. I must admit my expectations weren't high. At the time they were showing an exhibition based around the refugee and I found myself surrounded by works by the likes of Frank Auerbach and Lucien Freud - I felt like I'd walked into a treasure chest!

Pallant House is now closed to the public during the COVID-19 situation, but is offering lots of resources on its website for everyone - whether you're looking for something arty for the kids to do or you want to learn about Art History.

I have just listened to a fantastic podcast on SoundCloud where Kassia St Clair, the author of The Secret Lives of Colour talks about her book - picking on the colours of Lead White, Ultramarine Blue, Pink and Black. Check it out here:,BM9V,1GQ71W,1A6J7,1

And if you would like more information on what Pallant House is offering, head over to their website: and sign up to their newsletter.

3. Alan McGowan

I am a huge fan of the artist Alan McGowan and I was planning on signing up to one of his courses up in Edinburgh sometime this year. I love the flow and freedom of his expressive painting style which has a strong foundation in the rigours of observation, drawing and understanding of the human anatomy and the its movement.

I was SO pleased to receive an email this week with links to his new YouTube channel and I listened to the first of his "Art Bunker - Reflections from lock down Britain" called Why Do We Make Art?. A wonderful insight into why we DO make art - which goes deeper than just making a copy of something on a piece of paper and brings in that certain something which makes any form of art all the more 'powerful' and 'human'.

Again, you can check out his videos on YouTube and feel free to subscribe.

He also has a website:

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